The Democratic Movement's Leader

Izet Mexhiti was born on February 8, 1977 in Skopje.

He finished the “Zef Lush Marku” High School in Skopje.

He has completed his undergraduate studies at St. Cyrilli and Methodi University, Faculty of Economics,
Branch of Financial Management and Accounting.

"I won't greet you with “the good priest". This time, I’ll finish up with the reminder that today, all of us, we are standing on our land, where our ancestors did the impossible under conditions and circumstances much more difficult than we are today. On their behalf and in the name of our children, today I invite you to join with faith and determination in our battle for the future, for progress, for prosperity, to strengthen ranks, to restore confidence, to raise the warrior in yourself, to reject defeat and to establish victory, to overcome fights and find reconciliation, to dissuade fear and restore your voice, Determined, motivated, rallied and united around your Democratic Movement. Move! Toward the victory!".

– Izet Mexhiti, Mayor


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